Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Schulz, Martin Manfred   I14195


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Clark, Matthew O  04 Oct 2016Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I498908
2 Degroot, Ronald Richard  30 Apr 1992Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I329531
3 Forster, Kenneth Benjamin  01 May 1993Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I112069
4 Fuller, Helen Permelia  02 Aug 1964Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I568600
5 Hopfensperger, Edward J  10 Apr 1991Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I29583
6 Jochman, Norbert J  07 Jun 1983Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I120078
7 Jubert, Robert  12 Oct 1974Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I69088
8 Kimps, Susan Mary  19 Apr 2018Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I139591
9 Koske, Emilie Pauline  09 Jul 1929Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I528429
10 Pelky, Abraham A  Nov 1977Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I453157
11 Pintsch, Otto  07 Jan 1924Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I528431
12 Reinhart, Marie  19 Jul 1968Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I514267
13 Reininger, Albert  23 Jun 1969Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I264683
14 Sherman, Lori Louise  12 Dec 2016Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I270068
15 Smits, Bradley Joseph  30 Jun 2007Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I144635
16 Tate, Mary Jane  20 Dec 1930Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I398657
17 VanderPutten, Elizabeth Jane  23 May 2006Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I90167
18 VanOoyen, Mary Wilhelmina  12 Feb 1984Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I137660
19 Zahn, Mary Alvine Wilhelmine  20 Apr 1940Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I466100
20 Zirbel, Lynne  10 Apr 2008Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I144633


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Powers, Patricia Ruth  Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I131706
2 VanCamp, Richard George  Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I21404
3 VanOoyen, Mary Wilhelmina  Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin I137660


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Franzen / Johnson   F107530
2 Fuller / Tate  24 May 1905Townsend, Oconto Co, Wisconsin F153608
3 Peterson / Hermsen   F4701