Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barrett, George Joseph  12 Jun 1962Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I210917
2 Cook, Margaret Augusta  17 Jul 1995Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I469478
3 DeWildt, Adrian Arthur  18 Jun 1987Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I9732
4 Evers, Richard Arnold  24 Aug 2015Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I42
5 Fuhrman, Herman Gustav  30 Jun 1962Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I23929
6 Hammen, Thomas Michael  26 Aug 1971Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I10460
7 Klingert, Anita M  01 Dec 2007Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I155701
8 Laabs, Floyd Oscar  26 Nov 1970Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I315091
9 Marquardt, Gary E  02 Dec 2019Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I67311
10 Marquardt, William J  27 Nov 2012Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I67310
11 Mielke, Herman  07 Aug 1955Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I514965
12 Mischler, Margaret Mary  17 Oct 2005Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I86379
13 Mueller, John  03 Sep 2001Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I10768
14 Powell, Jeanette Irene  12 Mar 1986Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I346221
15 Ryba, Orville John  21 Jul 1979Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I72326
16 Skell, Maurey Martin  02 Sep 2004Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I86378
17 Stormer, James Donald  07 Mar 2015Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I538180
18 Tracy, Veronica  27 Apr 1988Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I325794
19 Verbruggen, Cornelius Anthony  04 May 2001Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I2475
20 Vondracek, Amy  01 Jan 2012Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I278803
21 Weimer, Henry E  06 Jul 1967Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I469479
22 Worden, Donald E  18 Dec 2019Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I43813
23 Young, David William  06 Nov 1987Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I188193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Marquardt, Ervin Charles  Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I75122
2 Sanderfoot, Kris A  Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I97523
3 Sigl, Veronica  Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I43280
4 Verkuilen, Anton M  Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I43292
5 Verkuilen, James Anton  Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin I43293


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dercks / Thyssen   F34801
2 Mischler / McCorkle   F61160
3 Mischler / Nickolson   F205121
4 Schabo / Schuh   F82244
5 Wissbroecker / Mischler   F61161
6 Wissbroecker / Powell  11 Sep 1971Pickerel, Langlade Co, Wisconsin F132280