Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bredael, Jean Francois  25 Mar 1832Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I489903
2 DeBoth, Antoine  02 Jun 1814Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I114713
3 DeBoth, Barbara Isabella  07 Feb 1843Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I25947
4 DeBoth, Franciscus  01 Sep 1847Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I13668
5 DeBoth, Joseph  09 May 1845Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I379995
6 DeBoth, Maria  08 Feb 1849Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I379999
7 DeBoth, Octavia  06 Nov 1850Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I380001
8 DeBoth, Sophie  28 Apr 1856Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I380002
9 deCock, Cecilia  cir 1786Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I414545
10 Gillis, Alphonse Jacob  10 Dec 1867Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I408354
11 Gillis, Felix  31 Mar 1878Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I509448
12 Horn, Albertina  08 Jan 1850Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I102808
13 Lemens, Joseph  30 May 1836Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I402263
14 Rentmeesters, Merten  cir 1590Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I299576
15 Rentmeesters, Thomas  cir 1647Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I299572
16 Servais, Johanna Jeanne Marie  08 Dec 1816Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I114714
17 VanderLinden, Anna Catherinea  18 Feb 1850Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I15502
18 VanEyck, Therese  18 May 1833Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I402264
19 Vincent, Josephine  19 Nov 1834Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I231155


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DeBoth, Octavia  1851Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I380001
2 DePaige, Joannes Baptista  15 Apr 1749Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I364229
3 Rentmeesters, Lavreys  Oct 1674Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I299574
4 Rentmeesters, Merten  1649Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I299576
5 Rentmeesters, Thomas  03 Jul 1692Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I299572
6 Rosiers, Suzanne  07 Oct 1668Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I299575
7 VandenPut, Maria Anna  03 Oct 1744Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium I364230


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DePaige / VandenPut  07 May 1730Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium F139228
2 Vanuijlder / deCock  02 Sep 1819Ottenburg, Vlaams Brabant, Belgium F159429