Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Arndt, Geraine E  14 Feb 1926Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I310931
2 Giebler, Anna Frances  14 Jan 1875Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I538893
3 Goede, Margaret Anna  21 Mar 1890Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I443622
4 Hartmann, Peter  1858Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501839
5 Jacque, Rose Theresa  19 Dec 1898Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319636
6 Janke, Julia  09 Sep 1865Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I370303
7 Johnson, Eunice L  07 Oct 1908Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I307028
8 Krousa, John  13 Apr 1859Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I562602
9 Krousa, Wilhelm  03 Dec 1862Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I562603
10 Leider, Lucille Marie  13 May 1918Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I224847
11 Ludowissi, Mary  24 Sep 1858Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501835
12 Meyer, Elisabetha M  Mar 1859Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319668
13 Meyer, Henry  15 Jul 1861Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319670
14 Meyer, Michael  04 Dec 1857Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319665
15 Meyer, Susanna M  1857Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319666
16 Michels, Joseph  03 Feb 1851Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I293649
17 Prom, Joseph B  17 Dec 1888Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501719
18 Prom, Mathias Wilhelm  03 Feb 1882Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501776
19 Quinette, Joseph  22 Dec 1855Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I102547
20 Romenesko, Elizabeth  17 Feb 1859Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I36626
21 Romenesko, Henry  15 Sep 1868Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I36633
22 Romenesko, Joseph G  02 Aug 1861Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I78440
23 Romenesko, Joseph Henry  13 May 1861Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I36627
24 Romenesko, Maria Mary  04 May 1860Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I20435
25 Romenesko, Marian H  06 Dec 1866Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I36632
26 Romenesko, Mary  19 Nov 1866Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I10620
27 Romenesko, Mary Magdelena  08 Sep 1866Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I37088
28 Romenesko, Theodora  27 Feb 1863Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I479
29 Romenesko, Walter R  10 Dec 1862Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I78444
30 Schmitz, Ervin Anthony  22 Oct 1916Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I328621
31 Tackes, John Mathias  19 Oct 1863Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501842
32 Tackes, Michael  15 Sep 1856Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501834
33 Toeckes, Katharina  21 Mar 1854Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501830
34 Toeckes, Margaret  25 Jul 1860Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501838
35 Toeckes, Mary  22 Sep 1855Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501832
36 Toeckes, Mathias B  08 Apr 1850Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501828
37 Toeckes, Peter  24 Oct 1862Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501840
38 Vogel, Maria Anna  10 Sep 1852Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I437227
39 Watry, John Peter  26 Apr 1883Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I31955
40 Weber, John  10 Nov 1878Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I267732
41 Wiltgen, Justine  10 Mar 1860Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I488619


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bauer, Margaret  22 Oct 1973Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I213311
2 Braun, Elisabeth  Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319644
3 Goede, Johann  30 Jul 1917Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I443621
4 Grangier, Marie F  1860Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I447223
5 Helein, Anna Margaretha  04 May 1897Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I92531
6 Jacque, Joseph J  01 May 1974Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I455131
7 Klas, James Jacob  1932Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319658
8 Klein, John  10 May 1916Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I563341
9 Krousa, John  13 Apr 1859Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I562602
10 Langlais, Ephraim Pascal  08 Feb 1963Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I310474
11 Meier, Heinrich  Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319643
12 Metz, John Martin  20 Apr 1926Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I182790
13 Metz, Michael  02 Jun 1968Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I182794
14 Metz, Viola  08 Dec 1994Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I453782
15 Meyer, Magdalena  1925Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319657
16 Meyer, Michael  11 Mar 1940Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I319665
17 Pleshek, Julie Ann  10 Jun 1970Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I402006
18 Quinette, Pierre Jean  1860Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I447222
19 Robinson, Myrtle  18 Jun 1963Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I310473
20 Romenesco, Joseph  19 Mar 1862Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I13231
21 Romenesko, Joseph Henry  24 Mar 1863Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I36627
22 Ruppert, Heinrich  24 Oct 1867Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I20621
23 Schecher, Nicholas  23 Jan 1961Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I488632
24 Schmitt, Elisabeth A  02 Aug 1947Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I488633
25 Schumacher, Oliver P  Dec 1981Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I67916
26 Siegel, Mary  07 Dec 1956Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I453801
27 Tackes, Michael  01 May 1937Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501834
28 Toeckes, Margaret  31 Jul 1941Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501838
29 Toeckes, Mathias John  07 Sep 1901Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501755
30 Toeckes, Nicholas  20 Jul 1940Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I501836
31 Vanderloop, Wilfred Henry  09 Dec 1973Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I224833
32 Willard, Pearl  1970Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I67915


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Huhnstock, Edward John  Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I7420
2 Romenesco, Joseph  Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I13231
3 West, Mary Jane  Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin I7419


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Eder / Reiner  03 Apr 1869Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F124487
2 Green / Romenesko  1854Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F4392
3 Hagenow / Kirschner   F117073
4 Metz / Siegel  12 Nov 1918Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F168042
5 Romenesko / Hagel  11 Apr 1858Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F6196
6 Schecher / Schmitt  1901Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F181738
7 Schommer / Sand  24 Sep 1866Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F11429
8 Schumacher / Willard  1930Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F26425
9 Weiss / Greimel  26 Apr 1852Fredonia, Ozaukee Co, Wisconsin F94740