Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angell, James E   I87545
2 Bushman, Ambrose  15 Mar 1915Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I419152
3 Caskenette, Joseph Peter  21 Sep 1908Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I151647
4 DeBoth, Marlene   I278275
5 Fuchs, George John  11 Mar 1903Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I273473
6 Hendricks, Bertha Elizabeth  14 Jan 1905Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I141677
7 Hendricks, Joseph Peter  08 Nov 1907Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I141684
8 Kempen, Adeline G  23 Mar 1920Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I81821
9 Kempen, Agnes Ann  13 Dec 1912Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I76714
10 Kempen, Ann E  07 Jan 1913Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I81807
11 Kempen, Clara Gertrude  27 Jul 1906Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I117809
12 Kempen, Dorothy Theresa  15 Oct 1943Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I399585
13 Kempen, Edmund  23 Dec 1922Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I81818
14 Kempen, Eugene Anthony  31 Aug 1933Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I327233
15 Kempen, Frances Marie  29 Dec 1918Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I141072
16 Kempen, Louis William  28 Jul 1915Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I117813
17 Kempen, Lucille A  26 Apr 1914Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I59607
18 Kempen, Magdalyn Marie  29 May 1939Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I399581
19 Kempen, Marie  28 Jul 1912Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I72469
20 Kempen, Richard Francis  28 Jan 1932Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I76922
21 Kempen, Sylvester J  31 Jul 1927Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I76883
22 Kraimer, Mary Ann  16 Mar 1904Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I128066
23 Kurth, Patricia Marie  24 Jul 1934Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I103700
24 Lasee, Edward Albert  19 Apr 1928Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I438093
25 Moritz, Earl  25 May 1908Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I82030
26 Moritz, Harriet A  17 Nov 1922Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I282854
27 Retzlaff, Richard A  30 Jun 1919Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I535868
28 Siebers, Henry Albert  10 Sep 1910Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I76462
29 Siebers, Leo Sylvester  23 Dec 1909Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I5151
30 Siebers, Margaret Helen  06 May 1908Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I5150
31 Siebers, Minnie Mary  01 Jan 1906Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I83187
32 Siebers, Peter Mathias  22 May 1904Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I5149
33 Siebers, Wilfred George  11 Jun 1913Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I5152
34 Strobl, Charles Valentine  04 Feb 1905Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I202943
35 Tennessen, Herman Hubert  29 Dec 1904Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I129208
36 VanHoof, Cecilia  09 Jul 1914Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I69515
37 Weyers, Anna Marie  27 Apr 1913Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I383654
38 Weyers, Rosella Josephine  08 Apr 1907Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I317242


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Berube, Magdalena  23 Feb 1973Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I72458
2 Boedigheimer, Mary E  1947Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I32760
3 Bushman, Ambrose  24 Sep 1917Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I419152
4 Bushman, Henry Francis  1920Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I246585
5 Bushman, John  01 Jan 1950Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I59602
6 Dautine, Joseph Philip  13 Dec 1948Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I59283
7 Droese, Esther Helen  22 Mar 1984Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I273474
8 Eckes, Clarence William  07 Oct 1987Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I437584
9 Emons, Wilhemina Johanna  02 Nov 1962Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I81806
10 Gagel, Martinus Peters  1930Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I116546
11 Gehring, Henry A  16 Oct 1927Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I490437
12 Gisbers, Wilhelmina  1958Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I435504
13 Gruber, Anthony B  27 Sep 1909Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I550528
14 Haen, Henry John  04 Jun 1914Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I49174
15 Halmstad, Anton  1928Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I195298
16 Hendricks, John  10 Feb 1920Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I141666
17 Hendricks, Peter Martin  25 Sep 1921Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I141633
18 Hirsch, Rosa  08 Aug 1933Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I547147
19 Hoogland, Anna  1960Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I548881
20 Kempen, Henry  14 Jan 1966Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I139762
21 Kempen, Marie  30 Dec 1990Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I72469
22 Kempen, Mary  09 Jan 1973Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I59603
23 Kempen, Norbert  10 Oct 1975Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I33778
24 Kempen, Peter  05 Jul 1969Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I72457
25 Kempen, Rosella N  10 Feb 1983Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I470642
26 Kempen, Walter  27 Oct 1992Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I141078
27 Kempen, William  10 Jul 1912Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I33774
28 Lasee, Henry  22 Aug 1978Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I438094
29 Lasee, William John  02 Dec 1964Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I365978
30 Nabbefeld, Charles  Mar 1956Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I44357
31 Nabbefeld, Charles P  04 May 1971Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I509597
32 Nabbefeld, Phillip Julian  19 Jan 1972Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I506708
33 Peterson, Maria Kristine  13 Oct 1917Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I128237
34 Scray, Petronella Katherine  14 Aug 1945Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I139763
35 Siebers, George  25 Feb 1911Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I30881
36 Strobl, Carl Arthur  1942Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I318431
37 Stroble, Frank  1975Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I318437
38 Tennessen, Anton  1940Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I435503
39 Weyers, Louis  1938Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I43208
40 Weyers, Mary  09 Feb 1958Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I43207


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Kempen, Adeline G  Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I81821
2 Luke, Evelyn May  Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I371836
3 Ploof, David  Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I371835
4 Siebers, Elizabeth  Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin I33775


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bohm / Kempen  02 Sep 1955Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin F56083
2 Kempen / Berube  10 Oct 1911Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin F28263
3 Koehler / Kurth  07 May 1949Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin F41315
4 VandenHeuvel / Bushman  27 Sep 1930Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin F3170
5 Verhagen / Weyers  13 Oct 1951Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin F21894
6 Weyers / Kempen  04 Aug 1936Catawba, Price Co, Wisconsin F21892